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GMC Yukon/Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon are both 7 passenger SUVs; however, with all 7 seats in use, this configuration provides minimum luggage space (approximately one-half foot of space is available behind the rearmost seat). With one or both back seats folded down, seating can be configured for 2, 4, 5, or 6 people, which would allow for more cargo space, as demonstrated in the photos below. If you need more luggage space or have 8 people, consider renting the Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban from Phoenix Car Rental.

Phoenix Car Rental Yukon
Phoenix Car Rental Tahoe for rent in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Car Rental Tahoe and Yukon for rent in Arizona

Yukon and Tahoe Seating Configuration

The GMC Yukon and the Chevrolet Tahoe have a maximum seating capacity of 7. With one or both back seats folded down, more cargo space is available. The photos below demonstrate the space available for luggage with both back seats folded down, bringing the seating capacity to 4 or 5.

Tahoe and Yukon for Rent at Phoenix Car Rental

Luggage Space with 2 Rear Seats Removed

Two Large Suitcases and One Small Suitcase

Yukon and Tahoe for Rent in Phoenix AZ

Seating for 5 with Rear Seats Removed

One Large Duffle, One Small Duffle, and One Small Suitcase