Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is an excellent SUV rental choice when vacationing in Phoenix, Arizona, and in fact, is the only 8 person option before moving up to a 15-passenger van. Furthermore, this large SUV, seating 8, with two 3-person benches, still provides substantial cargo space as shown in the illustration and photos below. It makes perfect sense for large golf groups, families traveling to Disneyland, corporations shuttling employees to conferences, as well as teams and church groups. Consider renting from Phoenix Car Rental when you need a vehicle for 8 people, or you find yourself with too much luggage for a car or minivan.

Phoenix Car Rental rents Ford Fusion Phoenix, Arizona
Suburban for rent from Phoenix Car Rental

Expedition Seating Configuration

The Ford Expedition has a maximum seating capacity of 8, and yet still provides a nice amount of luggage space (3′ deep by 5′ wide). In addition, with one or both back seats folded down, even more cargo space can be made available.

Expidetion Luggage Space

Without having to fold any of the seats down, the Expedition cargo area is extremely spacious

Chevrolet Suburban with Lots of Luggage Space for Rent in Phoenix

Load It Up!

One Large, One Small Suitcase, Two Large Duffle Bags and One Small Suitcase

Luggage space in a Ford Expedition