Phoenix Car Rental rents Ford, Chrysler, and GM cars in Phoenix, Arizona. A local, off-airport car rental company with a full selection of 5-passenger cars, just 4 miles north of the Phoenix Airport, means you AVOID AIRPORT FEES and pay low rates!

Phoenix Car Rental, in Phoenix, Arizona, rents minivans
Illustration of Minivan Seating Configuration in rental vans

The Caravan and Town & Country Vans Seat 7 People

We rent minivans such as the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan, seating up to 7 people, but perfect for 4 people with golf clubs or 2 people with lots of luggage.

Rent a Minivan from Phoenix Van Rental in Phoenix
Minivan with Two Captain’s Chairs

With 3 Person Bench in back seats 7

Deep Storage in the Minivan for rent in Phoenix AZ
Minivan Back

3 Person Bench & luggage space

The Minivan seating 4 provides Tons of space for Luggage
Got Golf Clubs? Rent a Minivan!

Best for people with plenty of luggage