Ford E-350 Club Wagon

Large Passenger Vans with a Multitude of Seating and Cargo Space Possibilities

Phoenix Car Rental rents Ford Fusion Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Car Rental rents Ford Fusion Phoenix, Arizona
Large Passenger Van Rental Phoenix

Ford E-350 Club Wagon Seating Configuration

The E-350 Club Wagon offers a great many possibilities. As shown in the illustrations above, these vans have a maximum capacity of 15 people. And sometimes, that is exactly what you need—to simply transport 15 people. But the beauty of variety is displayed above.

Where we find this comes in particularly handy is for a group of golfers who, with their clubs and luggage, cannot quite fit into a minivan. If you have 8 people and think you would prefer an SUV, check out the Ford Expedition.

11-Passenger Van with Extra Cargo Space

By removing the back bench, the former 15-passenger van becomes a great vehicle for transporting 11 people AND their luggage, equipment, instruments, or golf bags.

8-Passenger Van with Deluxe Cargo Space

Have 8 people and 8 sets of golf clubs? Again the “15-passenger van” is the perfect choice. Without the back two benches, there is just about 5 feet by 5 feet of cargo space.

Seating for 15 – Luggage Space is Limited

Seats in the Ford E-350 & Chevrolet Express Vans are removable, except the driver & passenger seats. When seating 15, there is no space behind the back bench.

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Removing the Back Bench Creates Cargo Space

Luggage Space is increased when removing the back bench that provided seating for 4. Now the van seats 11 people.

Four Rows of Bench Seats

Behind the driver and passenger seats are four rows of benches. The first three benches seat 3 people each. The back bench seats 4. With the driver and passenger seats, that brings the total seating capacity to 15.

With the seating capacity to accommodate from 1 person to 15 people, plus luggage, equipment or golf bags, we regularly rent these large passenger vans to groups, such as:

  • Family Reunions
  • Club Soccer
  • Men’s Senior Baseball
  • NCAA College Sports Teams
  • WAC Teams
  • Church Groups
  • School Groups
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Musicians